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Volta is a private startup studio and investment boutique focused on executing visions
We work with internally generated ideas and concepts
as we build both offline and digital ventures from the ground up
About us

We develop our new ventures in-house all through our rigorous proof-of-concepts phase and pair them up with entrepreneurial teams and capital as they get ready to enter growth phase. Occasionally we invest in outside ventures and do what it takes to help our portfolio companies overcome the obstacles between vision and reality.

The team
behind Volta

Kjartan Örn Ólafsson


Kjartan Olafsson (Kjartan Örn Ólafsson) is an entrepreneur and early stage investor with deep startup experience in Iceland and in New York. Kjartan is the CEO of Transition Labs, an initiative to accelerate the world's transition to a climate positive future by deploying climate solutions at scale. He is a partner at Brunnur Ventures, and the founder of Volta ehf. and Basno Inc.

Previously Kjartan served as the Director of Business Development for the media company Bertelsmann Inc. in New York and worked closely with Bertelsmann portfolio companies in the U.S. and U.K. on various digital media initiatives; including SonyBMG Music, Random House, and Fremantle Media.

In addition to his commercial endeavors, Kjartan has served on the board of many non-profits including Reykjavik Arts Festival, Harpa Concert Hall, American Scandinavian Foundation and as Chairman for UNICEF in Iceland.

Kjartan studied philosophy in Iceland and Italy, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir


Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir is Volta's CEO.

Before joining Volta, Ásta made her career in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, first as a Project Leader at Decode Genetics Inc. and later as a Project Manager at Actavis Group PTC ehf.

Ásta has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Master of Science degree in immunology from the University of Iceland, a CSS in Management and Administration from Harvard University, and an MBA-degree from Reykjavik University.

Ásta is active in the Icelandic innovation scene. She serves as Business Development Manager and CFO at TTO Iceland. She has served on the board of multiple early stage companies and non-profits, including the healthtech startup Leviosa, Laki Power a leading technology company transforming power grid intelligence, and Listaverkasafn Valtýs Péturssonar a private art foundation, and RUMBA, the alumni association for the Reykjavik University MBA program.

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