Volta Labs is a venture development company and investment boutique focused on executing visions.


We work with internally generated ideas and concepts, as well as assisting outside entrepreneurs via an advisory role. We invest in top ideas in the digital media, communications and information services space.


We work with internally generated ideas and concepts as we build brand new digital ventures from the ground up. We develop our new ventures in-house all through our rigorous proof-of-concepts phase and pair them up with entrepreneurial teams and capital as they get ready to enter growth phase


Taking on advisory roles we leverage new business formation experiences to take ideas from napkins and the backs of envelopes and turn them into viable enterprises. We have the industry expertise and practical know-how to help early stage ventures avoid the foot faults and wrong turns that so often limit success


We seek out top ideas in the digital media, communications and information services space, provide seed funding or later stage financing, and do what it takes to help our portfolio companies overcome the obstacles between vision and reality

  • "You can now use BlockSign to sign your name digitally using the same technology as Bitcoin."

    - BetaBeat
  • "Basno is one of the 50 New York City startups you need to know about."

    - The Next Web
  • "BlockSign gives just one example of an unexpected industry ripe for disruption."

    - Upstart Business Journal
  • "DataMarket Aims To Be A Google For Numbers."

    - InformationWeek
  • "BlockSign has obvious customers in finance and law, but this could also be helpful for anyone who needs proof they signed something."

    - BetaBeat
  • "Basno, now issues ‚Äúdigital badges‚ÄĚ to accredited angel investors [‚Ķ] to speed the deal-making process with startups."

    - Wallstreet Journal
  • "Datamarket is impressive and interesting."

    - The Guardian, technology blog
  • Kjartan Olafsson is Best Business Angel 2016, Iceland

    - Nordic Startup Awards
  • "Watchbox secures $380K funding from Frumtak 2"

    - Nordurskauti√į
  • "DataMarket sold to NASDAQ registered software provider Qlik."

    - Grapevine
  • Kjartan Olafsson is Mentor of the Year.

    - Startup Reykjavik, 2013
  • "A verification record stored by BlockSign on the user‚Äôs behalf enables users to check that a particular document is signed and valid."

    - CoinDesk


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Volta Labs is a venture development company and investment boutique focused on executing visions.

Kjartan Olafsson

Kjartan Olafsson is an entrepreneur and investor with one foot in New York and the other in Reykjavik, Iceland. Kjartan is the founder and CEO of Volta Labs Venture Development and the founder of companies like Basno, a digital certification platform, and BlockSign, a blockchain-service for legally signing documents and smart contracting.

Kjartan is an investor with a seat on the board of directors at a handful of startups and tech companies as well as serving on the investment committee of Brunnur VC Fund. In addition to his commercial endeavors, Kjartan serves on the board of UNICEF in Iceland.

Previously Kjartan served as the Director of Business Development for the international media company Bertelsmann Inc. in New York and worked closely with Bertelsmann portfolio companies in the U.S. and U.K. on various digital media initiatives; including SonyBMG Music, Random House, and Fremantle Media.

Kjartan studied philosophy and logic in Iceland and Italy, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.


Asta Sollilja Gudmundsdottir is Volta’s CFO.

Before joining Volta Asta made her career in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, first as a Project Leader at Decode Genetics Inc. and later as a Project Manager at Actavis Group PTC ehf.

Asta has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Master of Science degree in immunology from the University of Iceland, a CSS in Management and Administration from Harvard University, and an MBA-degree from Reykjavik University.


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Klapparstigur 29

101 Reykjavik, Iceland



A place to create and collect digital badges

Basno is a platform that securely authenticates any badge displaying skills, achievement or affiliation. Basno counts among its customers leading brands such as American Express, Virgin America, ING New York Marathon, HBO, Nike and countless others. With over 10 million badges issued, Basno is the biggest platform of its kind in the world.

Volta Labs is a co-founder of Basno, a major shareholder and has a seat on the Board of Directors.


Sign any document with confidence and ease

BlockSign lets customers digitally sign legally binding contracts and preserve them in the public domain. Running on the block chain, the decentralized public ledger that records transactions on the bitcoin-network, the BlockSign platform provides a way to sign, timestamp and later verify documents on the web.

Volta Labs is a co-founder of BlockSign and a major shareholder.


Find, understand and share data

Datamarket helps business users find and understand data, and data providers efficiently publish their data and reach new audiences.

Datamarket was acquired in fall 2014 by Qlik Technologies Inc., one of the most innovative companies in the data and analytics space.

Volta was an early investor in Datamarket, and had a representative on the Board of Directors until the company was acquired by Qlik Technologies Inc.

Ja Upplysingaveitur

Connecting people to people and people to companies

J√° is an information service company based in Iceland. J√° has the simple goal of providing the information that you might need on a day-to-day basis and making communicating easier. J√° does this in various ways -- through the Telephone Directory, J√° 118, J√°.is, Ratings.is, Iceland.ja.is and a multitude of mobile apps.

Volta owns a 5% equity stake in Ja and has a seat on the Board of Directors.

Appollo X

App incubation studio

Apollo X is an app incubation studio based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Leveraging its innovative research, development and roll-out process, Apollo X churns out a stream of mobile apps for the international market to enjoy.

Volta is an angel investor in Appollo X and has a representative on the Board of Directors.


Making a Good Connection Better

Tal is a telecommunication company based in Iceland. It offers general telecommunication, mobile and Internet services. In fall of 2014 Tal merged with 365 forming a strong media and communications enterprise.

Volta owned a 6% equity stake in Tal.
Currently part of 365 Media.


Under Development

Venture currently under development.

Internally generated.


Reinventing Social Games

Venture currently under development.

Volta is a seed investor in TeaTime Games.


Under Development

Reykjavik Ventures focuses on innovations in travel. Venture is currently under development.

Internally generated.